Get involved

How to get involved

ESMERA is looking for contributors on the level of challenge providers as well as solution developers to compete in the challenges. Industrial end-users active in the four challenge areas are invited to share with us their definition of real-life problems where they would like to introduce a robotic solution. European SMEs developing robotic technologies will have the chance to apply for funding and design a solution to address one of the challenges. The solution design will be carried out in two competitive phases. In phase one (Proof of Concept) 32 projects, so-called experiments, will compete in eight different challenges taken from the four challenge areas. In phase two (Industrial Leadership and Business Support) 16 challenge winners will advance on their path towards industrialising and commercialising their solutions. SMEs can propose an experiment on their own or form a small consortium of up to two partners, teaming up with R&D organizations or other companies that can supplement their activities. For both phases combined, each team can receive up to 200,000 € of funding.

Next steps

The call for solutions will be opened in summer 2018. Two rounds of 16 experiments will be selected in October 2018 and in November 2019. The challenge descriptions and guidelines for application will be available in June 2018.